Incorporation Service Price Comparison

Here is our incorporation service price comparison to help you quickly assess who to use.

Incorporation Service Price Comparison Table

RocketLawyer7 days*99.99$480/yr ($39.99/mo) & 1st incorporation free
LegalTemplates14 days*19.95 for 1 time$96/yr$480/yr (39.95/mo)
Pricing Comparison Table

RocketLawyer Pricing Review:

TrustPilot. 4.6: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

The service has a number of services for both business and personal use. It has legal documents for most business formation and ongoing operations like contracts, real estate, etc. Additionally,  they have lawyers available that can answer your specific question on a variety of business topics.  With a paid Premium Membership, you get included extras like asking a lawyer a legal question, free 30 minute consultation on new legal matters, and On Call® attorney that may end up saving you money.  Ultimately you need to decide if you need a bit of handholding and/or will need ongoing attorney services, in that case this can be a great way to get affordable legal services.  ​Best of all, start with a Premium membership plan with a free trial, if you feel that this is not for you, or you don’t have ongoing legal needs, you can cancel Rocket Lawyer Free Trial anytime.

  • Premium Member Plan: Free for 7 days. $39.99 per month after the free trial. Cancel at any time.
    Legal Documents: Free
    Attorney Services:  Document Defense® on Rocket Lawyer documents: FreeAsk a Lawyer your legal questions: Free,  30 minute consultation on every new legal matter*: FreeDiscounts when you hire a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney*: Upto 40% off
    For Business: Incorporation filing: Free for new members. 25% off thereafter (Excluding state fees), Registered Agent service: 25% off
    Try us free for 7 days
    * Not included in trial
  • Non Member
    Legal Documents  : $39.99 per document
    Attorney Services Document Defense® on Rocket Lawyer documents: $9.99 per document; Ask a Lawyer your legal questions: $49.99 per question; 30 minute consultation on every new legal matter: $59.99 per consultation
    Discounts when you hire a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney*: Unavailable
    For Business Incorporation filing: $99.99 (excluding State fees), Registered Agent service: $149.99 

LegalTemplates Pricing Review:

TrustScore. 4.1: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

A large number of templates available for setting up legal agreements and a great way to get started and educate yourself on what is involved in setting up a legal agreement. It is very easy to customize the document using the LegalTemplates interface, but may need additional advice on complex legal matters. This is a great way to save money by drafting the initial documents on your own, and then getting it reviewed by a lawyer to make sure it is ironclad. General information at the end of each template is very useful to educate yourself and understand the purpose of the document. Another advantage, if your business calls for using the same type of legal agreement repeatedly, you will get the most current version of the legal document without having to get it drafted multiple times. An annual/monthly fee structure may not be the right one if you have limited needs, in that case you have the flexibility to purchase a single document.

  • Trial Plan: Free For 14 days. After 14 days,  auto-renews $39.95 /month.Unlimited  access to all legal forms.  Unlimited  MS Word / PDF downloads. Cancel anytime,  pay as you go
  • Annual Plan: $7.99/mo (Prepaid for 1 year)
    Save up  to 80%
    Unlimited  access to all legal forms
    Unlimited  MS Word / PDF downloads
    Cancel anytime,  renews annually
  • Single Document: $19.95 (Starting From). Unlimited  access to one legal form. Unlimited  MS Word /PDF downloads.Perfect for  one-time users

FileNow Pricing Review:

Customer Rating: 4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Two pricing tiers that help you form your business which includes nice extras like Registered Agent (1 year), EIN generation (simple process but one more thing to take off your hands), company alerts, and lastly phone and email support so that you know that you have covered all bases while incorporating your business. For a person that has not done this before, phone/email support gives peace of mind that there will be no loose ends. With fees starting at $49 ($149 for the next tier), this is a good option.

  • Starter $49 + state fee: Essentials-only plan for experienced business owners that know exactly what they need.
  • Premium $149 + state fee: Everything a new business owner will need to start company operations.

ZenBusiness Pricing Review:

TrustPilot Rating: 4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Three pricing tiers which start with Filing Service, Operating Agreement and Registered Agent which is sufficient for most businesses (EIN is recommended, however setting it up is a simple process).  With the next tier you get EIN service and much faster delivery.  The highest tier sets up business domain and access to a website tool along with Rush Filing Service.  It all depends on how comfortable you are in taking on some of these tasks on your own.  If you do want help on some or all of these tasks then this service might be for you.

  • STARTER: $49 BILLED ANNUALLY* plus state fee. Form in 2-3 weeks** Standard Filing Service, Registered Agent, Operating Agreement
  • PRO: $179 BILLED ANNUALLY plus state fee. Form in 5-8 business days** TOP FEATURES Expedite Filing Service, Employer ID Number (EIN), Worry Free Guarantee.
  • PREMIUM: $299 BILLED ANNUALLY plus state fee. Form in 2-4 business days** TOP FEATURES Rush Filing Service, Business Domain Name, Business Website

SwyftFilings Pricing Review:

TrustPilot Rating: 4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

A wealth of information on this website helps you get better informed about the kind of business structure you need, and help you understand the implications.  The basic plan will do the filing and however for EIN and Operating Agreement you need to move to a higher tier.  Free 30 minute Business Tax Consultation, Customer Support by phone/email and Free Domain Name (1 year) are included extras in the starting tier, however Registered Agent is not available. Operating Agreement and other services require you to move to a higher tier.

  • Basic: $49 + state fees. Gets you started by incorporating your business
  • Standard: $149 + state fees. The essentials for launching your business
  • Premium: $299 + state fees.​ Our most complete package for your business

MyCorporation Pricing Review:

This offering has almost all that you need to start and operate a business, however you will have to find it and some of it comes with extra expense.  The basic package is more expensive than some of the other solutions on this page, but there are several custom additions available that can be helpful in customizing solutions for your business. On this site you will need to educate yourself and determine what you need, the good news is, it is all there.  We would recommend starting with the Learning Center on the website to educate and familiarize yourself first with all the complexity that goes into setting up a business.

  • BASICS: $99 Plus State Fees. Articles of Incorporation. Name Availability Search.
  • STANDARD: $124 Plus State Fees. Articles of Incorporation. Name Availability Search,
    Bylaws, Minutes, and Waivers. Annual Report service.
  • DELUXE: $224 Plus State Fees. Articles of Incorporation
    Name Availability Search,
    Bylaws, Minutes, and Waivers,Annual Report service,Registered Agent services.
  • PREMIUM (HIGHEST SERVICE LEVEL): $324 Plus State Fees. Articles of Incorporation, Name Availability Search,Bylaws, Minutes, and Waivers, Annual Report service ,Registered Agent services, MaintainMyBiz services.