FreshBooks Review

Apple Store Rating: 4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Google Store Rating: 4.4 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Our FreshBooks review…Freshbooks is an invoicing and accounting software that helps you manage your business on the go. This software has been around for a number of years and has seen several additional features and improvements. (Read here why an invoicing tool is a must for any small business).

Following are some of the things that we like about the app:

  • Features: Has a full suite of features needed to run any small business. Most come standard with most invoicing apps, however of note are Time Tracking, Accounting, Projects, recurring invoicing, ACH payments, late fees setting, retainers, connect bank account, file sharing, besides all the features we have listed.
  • Team Collaboration:  The Projects feature allows you to invite other team members to collaborate on specific projects, with permissions. This is a huge help when you have multiple people involved. 
  • Invoicing Plus Accounting: Not just invoicing but it also helps you with reconciliation of your financial transaction. Standard report templates allow for a quick look at the health of your business. Also you can invite your accountant to get access to help your business.
  • Integration: Integrate with a number of third party apps to run your business even more efficiently, including Shopify, Squarespace, G Suite etc.
  • Tax Time: Lastly, your accountant is going to fall in love with you!!  You can invite your accountant to get access to your account. Quarterly tax estimated tax payments as well as sales tax etc. are greatly simplified.  At the end of the year, no chasing paper receipts and you can download all the information you need. 

Bottom Line

We feel that an invoicing tool is a must for any business owner.  Among the invoicing tools Freshbooks is a very powerful tool with a long track record and features that have been improved over time. However it is more expensive than some of the other free invoicing tools out there. If your business needs just basic professional invoicing you may save money elsewhere (even free), however if you need a feature rich app, this is a very good option.

Start with the basic plan and see if you like the customizable features. Compare this app against one or two other apps which will help you choose the best one for your needs. Freshbooks has a lot of features at different tiers, however you may not need all the features when you start your business. You can always add them later as your business grows. These features will more than pay for themselves in terms of time and money saved.  The free trial, and 50% off the first three months make this a low risk proposition. 

Freshbooks Review:

FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure — all in the cloud. FreshBooks is ridiculously easy to use on any mobile device. Built by FreshBooks, the app is designed with simplicity in mind and trusted by millions of small business owners and self-employed professionals.


  • Look Professional: Create professional invoices in seconds that help you get paid in a flash. Say hello to painless invoicing.
  • Accept Online Payments: Accept credit cards online and get paid quickly and securely, directly from your invoice.
  • Time Tracking: Track your time and be confident that you’re billing the right amount on your invoice with an easy, at-a-glance breakdown of your billable hours.
  • Keep Automatic Payment Records: Payments are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about your accounting.
  • Track Expenses: Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping photos of receipts right from your mobile device.
  • Client Conversations: It’s easier than ever to keep all your business conversations in one place


  • FREE 30 day trial
  • Lite – $14.99/mo – 5 Billable Clients
  • Plus – $24.99/mo – 50 Billable Clients
  • Premium – $49.99/mo – 500 Billable Clients

Currently offering 50% off first three months. Annual payments gets 10% off.

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Apple Store Rating: 4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Google Store Rating: 4.4 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆