Weebly Review

Here is our detailed Weebly review…Building a website for your small business was a daunting task, not easy to do and expensive if you hire someone to do it for you. Plus the time and expense if you wanted to make any changes (think repricing one item among many in your inventory).

Fortunately, there are several solutions that have come up that make this a DIY project. You can get a very impressive looking site by yourself.  Weebly has made this process extremely simple, and it is ideal for a freelancer or a small business that wants to establish a presence on the Internet or a fulfillment store on the internet, which is a must these days.
There are some great features that enable you to customize based on your situation. 

Weebly Review – Strengths:

  • Free vs. paid: You do have the option of getting a free website, which is great while you build it or testing to see if it works for you. The downside is that can’t customize the web address and you will see ads on your webpages. But atleast the option is available and you can upgrade later. 
  • Templates:  There are several templates available that allow you to customize based on the type of webpage(s) that you are trying to build, think restaurant,  online store, photography etc. This saves significant time in customizing the page.
  • Customization: Fairly intuitive drag and drop elements allow you to change the layout, add text, blogs, payments, social media links, take orders etc. In fact it covers almost any situation. The good part is that it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it and can make changes (eg. you want to offer discount on an item) on the fly really fast. You can make as many changes as you want, and they are reflected on the website immediately.
  • Reporting: Once you built a website, what next? Well you want to see how it is performing, reporting on traffic, sales, site activity, coupons etc. is available, and is easy to understand.
  • Advanced features: Suppose you do have someone that can help you with more complex tasks of building a website using HTML (a programming language), well that is possible, so that the level of advanced customization is available based on the complexity of your needs. 

Weebly Review – Tips:

  • Build your own: If you are doing this on your own, we suggest start by building on your own. Play around with all the powerful features. You will find that it is relatively simple. This will not only save you money but also help you in the long run if you want to make changes on your own.
  • Web address: Choose something that reflects your business, is easy to remember and does not contain any special characters (-, @, # etc.) so that users can find it easily.
  • Expert help: Once you have built the website, you may (but not needed) want to ask for certain features that you have seen elsewhere. Remember companies invest tons of time and money on the perfect website, so don’t expect your website to look like that of Apple. But if you must have some features, have someone go in and add more advanced features.
  • Tutorials: Digital marketing is an important avenue to get customers. You may have hear of search engine optimization (SEO) that helps you get higher ranking on search results like Google or Bing. Look at tutorials to see how your website can help you attract more customers.

Bottom line, we are very impressed by the ease of use and powerful features at Weebly.  This will certainly fit the needs of most businesses.  What we like is the ability to move up the level of complexity as one gets more familiar with the tool, so that it serves the needs of a novice as well as an experienced designer.  The templates are very useful and help jumpstart the process. If you are looking to establish a website, you have to give Weebly a try.

Weebly Review – Tutorials:

Here are two quick videos giving you: (1) a walkthrough of how to setup a restaurant website, and then (2) how to enable e-commerce and online ordering for your website.

Weebly Review

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