Weebly Website Build (Part 2: Weebly Online Ordering)

Video Walkthrough of setting up online ordering

After getting your base website up, (Weebly website build (Part 1)) , it is important to enable weebly online ordering. In the normal course of doing business, here is the video walk-through. Given Covid-19 epidemic this is a must have for restaurants.  It will enable you to enable contactless order taking, fulfillment and payment, helping you run a leaner operation and saving customers time. Fortunately this is relatively easy to set up as our video will show and requires basic computer skills. Plus this is no more expensive than running a credit card in store (in most cases). 

Starting with the website that you created on Weebly in Part 1 of the series (Watch Here: How to build a restaurant website), you will see a step by step tutorial on how to add your menu for take out orders, enable customization, take payment, and schedule the order.  

Weebly has a template set up for restaurants and online order taking that makes it very useful to set up a website easily.  Follow these steps and you should have a functional order taking website in a few easy steps.

Following are the steps that you will have to follow:

  1. Add items from your menu that you want to make available. Don’t add everything from the menu, limit it to a few items that you want to use for online take-out orders. Don’t worry, you can expand later. Start with building one item all through the process, see how easy or complex it is, then add additional items.
  2. Set up pickup location: Enable fulfillment by turning on location and the ability to do pickups. We have created a specific take out category since you may want to offer a smaller set of menu items for pickup.
  3. Build a take-out menu page
  4. Lastly enable payments so that customers can pay online and you can truly have contactless delivery. We suggest using Square since it is integrated with Weebly but you have a choice. This will enable payment using credit cards and unless you do a very high volume, the various tiers are not going to be very different. When we last checked, the higher tier for weebly lowers processing fees from 2.9% to 2.6% per transaction.  You would have to do over $15,333/month to make this worthwhile for your business.

A few things to keep in mind

  1. Keep things simple to start with, you don’t have to add everything in your menu for take-out. Items that sell well, are easy to pack and customize should be your top priority.
  2. Photograph all the items using a smartphone with a good camera, with the dish on a black cloth. Do photograph most common variations, since you will be able to use those in the online ordering process. Take photographs that are clear so that customers are sure about what they are ordering.
  3. Add customization (modifiers) to the few items so that you don’t have to answer questions on the phone or worse while the order is being picked up.  Therefore Include all the ingredients so that your clients can customize as much as possible.
  4. Test your website before you start getting orders to make sure the ordering system and payment goes through. It might be good to ask someone who is not familiar with the website to test out the ordering system, just to make sure that things are clear, everything is functional, and it is easy to place an order.

Keep a lookout for customer feedback as to items that might be missing/confusing so that you can update these to make them clearer. It is relatively easy to go back and update the website on your own.

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